Tsunami Connection

Tsunami Connection - Michael James Gallagher What a fantastic read! There was so much to love about Tsunami Connection that I felt compelled to review. First was the author's choice to make his military protagonist a WOMAN! Kudos to Gallagher for allowing a woman to take center stage in his story. Second, it was clear that he has either visited many of the locals within the novel or did some spectacular research because throughout the book, I felt as if I was actually there with the characters thanks to the delicious setting descriptions. The plot wove back and forth in time, giving us glimpses of Kefira's history without info dumping it all at one time as some authors are prone to doing. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested in what would happen next, but the best part was how emotionally invested I became in the outcome for Kefira. I felt her anxiety, pain and excitement right along with her. My only disappointment is having to wait to find out what comes next! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good spy thriller!!