Squad 19 - Prequel Volume 1

Squad 19 - Prequel Volume 1 - Nicholas Sansbury Smith Squad 19 by Nicholas Smith is a fast paced prequel to his full length novel Biomass Revolution. His succinct but descriptive writing style fully immerses you in Tisaia, the city where all that remains of the US population live following a nuclear war over the world's power supply. Smith masterfully transported me into a world where I could fully imagine myself standing in the bleakness of the Wastelands where the story takes place. Although I was expecting to read only of the horrific atrocities of war, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Smith has beautifully woven the complexity of the human experience into this realistic war piece. I am looking forward to following the adventure of Obi and Squad 19 as they continue fighting not only for their own survival but also for the survival of humanity in Biomass Revolution!