The Biomass Revolution

The Biomass Revolution - Nicholas Sansbury Smith The fabulous cover art for Biomass Revolution made me click on the link.
The summary drew me in, as I found the very idea of choosing a side in an apocalyptic revolution extremely captivating.
However, in the end, it was Nicholas Smith's distinctive writing style and superb use of fast paced action sequences which kept me turning page after page.

This thoughtfully crafted novel weaves together the stories of many of the people living in Tisaia, the last remaining city in what is left of the United States after a great nuclear apocalypse. The beauty of this novel is that it shows not just one perspective of life beyond the beginning of the 21st century, but gives us a glimpse into the many different viewpoints of those who are struggling to maintain their place in the world along the path to revolution. By helping the reader to explore these many varied viewpoints, Smith challenges the reader to understand that the lines between right and wrong are rarely clearly marked. Additionally, unlike many other dystopian fiction novels that contrive unrealistic reasons for the end of the world, the premise behind Biomass Revolution is terrifyingly realistic. For that reason, Biomass serves as a fantastic cautionary tale for those of us living in the relative bliss of a world run on fossil fuels and iPhones. The truth of Smith's novel is that the world that he's created for us to explore may very well be a world that, if we are unwilling to make changes in our own lives, we may soon find ourselves a part of.

Kudos to Smith for choosing to write about a topic that needs to be discussed if we are to avoid the horror of the world he's created. I am looking very forward to reading many other novels by Smith in the future.